About us

Design From Taiwan Made in China

Our company was founded in 2004 in Taiwan and production in China, we focus on quality production and design in Taiwan,
attracting guests from Canada Client, successfully broke into the most famous trademarks in Canada,
This is gradually growing emphasis on design aesthetics and quality of production, from 2004 to 2014 has been dominated OEM factory and foundry.


From NOKIA to BlackBerry, then IPhone smartphone era, small to large mobile phone have always been innovation,
Our Company in 2015 the United States won the Chinese and TPU mobile phone sets patents.

Product Design: Protection of electronic products

First, for the design, the Creators refers to the open nature of thinking, Creators no boundaries, creating potential driving
force behind the idea, to enhance the value of innovation, creativity in line with the times.

That's why Achamber product design has been to protect innovation and create new ideas for products meet the required public
The past few years has been to provide high quality products for the foreign guests, after obtaining patents to the public to promote this innovative electronic products protective sleeve.